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Photo Printing Service(Professional Photo Paper) for Ikea Photo Frame

Click to enlarge. Reflection may be noticeable on some examples, it is normal that a bare-print is slightly curly.

Printing on German-made professional giclee-print photo paper, Ikea photo frame sizes.

Product feature
1. High resolution, high color accuracy and wide gamut to produce realistic and lightfast images.

2. Glossy & Satin (luster/semi-glossy) finish available.
- Satin finish for display in environmental lighting (default)
- Glossy finish for display under spot-light (specify when placing order)

Important Note
1. Aspect ratios (length:width) of ikea frames usually do not conform to common photo aspect ratios (3:2/4:3). In such cases, we recommend to shrink the image and leave an unprinted blank area on the photo paper (see examples a the top), and do not use the paper mount if included; Or customers could send us the cropped files.

2. Many small-scale photo shops out source large-format printing to 3rd parties, quality is less guaranteed and with higher risk of file leakage.

3. Framing a delicate large-size print is much harder than people's thoughts; the choice of ready-made frames are limited as well. Our custom-framing service can save your own effort and assure quality.

4. In humid places like HK, large photo papers may look a bit wavy after absorbing air moisture if not entirely mounted(adhered) onto a backing. FINE ART PAPER is recommended over it if you don't want to/can't entirely mount the print, but don't care for a wavy surface.

5. Our "Professional Satin Photo Paper" listed in another page is the same paper (with the same price-formula) as this option. However, there is an overall quality & price difference between professional framing service and DIY framing using Ikea frame, so that this option is positioned below the former one, as a more economical option.

Output Type: Professional Photo Paper For Ikea Frame
Frame not included. We have no Affiliation with Ikea.

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Image Size / paper Size
Printing Fee
IP01 70 x 100cm HK$ 831  
IP02 61 x 91cm HK$ 700  
IP03 50 x 70cm HK$ 495  
IP04 40 x 50cm HK$ 347  
IP05 30 x 40cm HK$ 266  

Borderless printing for this output type, if there's no aspect-ratio mismatch.

Recommended resolution bottom line is 72dpi, higher is always better.

minimum charge HK$200


Image Size / paper Size
Printing Fee
IP06 21 x 30cm

HK$ 130

IP07 13 x 18cm HK$ 80  

We do not normally offer sizes <8x12" because giclee-print small sizes is not cost efficient. We offer it here because some customers will display large and small photos (in Ikea frames) together and want to unify the tactile quality & print quality.

We charge these small sizes with no profit at all but just to cover the high-cost of giclee-printing, therefore they are available only when bundled with larger sizes or with minimum charge of HK$200.

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